Tie Tyranny and Senseless Shoes

A strip of cloth. Really? That’s what matters? Yes, according to some right-wing politicians. I can’t remember the last time I wore a tie. I have two or three stuffed somewhere in my wardrobe (the one that doesn’t lead to Narnia). I’ve carried these strips of cloth with my possessions […]

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Hume’s Critique of Science

 David Hume was a Scottish philosopher in the mid 1700s. His philosophy was a culmination of British empiricism. This was a tradition that began with Francis Bacon and continued through Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and then was critiqued rather effectively by George Berkeley. Berkeley had said that it is […]

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No, There Is NOT an App for That

If I was conspiratorially minded, I would believe that Big Tech is out to control every aspect of our lives. I do not engage in conspiracy theories, instead, I recognize that power will exercise its power, and often without regard to the consequences. In the world today, arguably the biggest […]

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The Epistemologies of Hobbes and Locke

 Epistemology is the philosophical study of what knowledge is and how we can come to have knowledge. It is a field of philosophy as old as philosophy itself, and epistemology underpins everything in philosophy, and not just philosophy, but everything that human beings do. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke […]

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The Mass Panic Over ETs Myth

UFO Mythology Meets History – Would people really freak out when they learn that ETs are real? Accompanying the rise of public awareness of UFOs in the late 1940s was the idea that people will panic in the streets at the idea that there are extraterrestrials. This assumption is still a […]

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