Purported UFO

Did I Just See a UFO?

Hmm, how to think about this Not what I saw, but close I was sitting on my balcony with my coffee and toast watching the pure blue sky. It was a warm July with no discernible breeze and a cloudless sky. I leaned back and blissfully gazed into the infinite blue. […]

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How We Saved 31% on our Heating this Winter

An example of changing one’s orientation The Backstory I am not a fan of corporations. It’s their unaccountable greed that irks me. Case in point: here in Central Europe, because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the wholesale price of natural gas doubled in early winter 2022. Energy corporations responded […]

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The Nothingness of Jean-Paul Sartre

Bigot, misogynist, and antisocial cynic, Jean-Paul Sartre is an unlikely hero. Yet, Sartre is a hero to some, and not just to bigots, misogynists, and antisocial cynics. He was brave in speaking openly about what few have the courage to even contemplate. For what he contributed to philosophy, he deserves […]

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A conformist?

Why Do People Use Hair Dye?

One can apply philosophy to anything and everything. Even this topic. Approaching everyday phenomena with a philosophical attitude helps us understand ourselves. Dying one’s hair is acting to change one’s appearance. Why would someone do that? One is covering over one’s natural fair color with an artificial color. That much […]

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Freedom of Speech

What’s Right and Wrong About the Columbia Protests

Can we have an intelligent conversation about what’s going on at Columbia University? Probably not. I’ll try anyway, although a conversation requires willing and sincere participants. Ostensibly, the protests at Columbia University are about defending the rights of Palestinian people in Gaza. No doubt, for some people, it is about […]

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Book Announcement: What Is Politics? 

. . . and why is it so contentious? This is a rare work of political theory that stands out for its conversational style and readability. Its persuasion relies on easy to follow arguments and logical conclusion in order to repaint the intractable modern political landscape as a vast misunderstanding of what […]

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The Two Worst Inventions?

The world won’t end with a bang. Actually the world won’t end, but humanity might. If we destroy ourselves, we won’t do it suddenly — not nuclear war. We will slouch and slide slovenly oblivious toward our dissolution. The 1950s set in motion forces that may end up destroying the world. […]

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