About Insert Philosophy Here

The world needs more philosophy.

More to the point, we all need to engage with the world with a more philosophical attitude.

I am a PhD philosophy professor specializing in social philosophy and personal identity. I have taught philosophy in higher education since 1998. In work and life, I love ideas, creativity, passion, and different cultures.

InsertPhilosophyHere.com is composed of articles grouped under these general categories:

  • Ideas collects short thoughts of wisdom from around the world. Most of these gems will be short quotes shared in graphic form.
  • Philosophy holds more in-depth thoughts from academic philosophy. Philosophy is about questions. Only fools believe they have all the answers.
  • Political deals with political philosophy and current events.
  • Culture dissects those aspects of culture we take for granted and try to find better ways for us to live.
  • Spirituality discusses the cultural phenomena of religion and human efforts to connect with the universe.

Please enjoy and contribute to the site. I hope that this site can inspire thoughts and conversation about important issues.  Please send along your suggestions. I invite comments and open discussion on the posts. I welcome spirited conversations, but not spam, trolling, or personal attacks. All comments will be moderated.

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No personal information will ever be collected from you because, no offense, I am interested in your ideas, not in you. 🙂 Peace.