Decades Later, I Still Hate High School…

…but I’m really talking about the human perceptions of time. (Source: Piqsels) Yes, time. Yesterday, my spouse reminded me that this year is one of those decade-defined anniversaries of my graduation from high school. It honestly had never crossed my mind. I was too busy living in the present. Humans do […]

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The Stupidity of “Falling Back” an Hour

You set your clocks back, didn’t you? Custom forces you to do so, and sometimes custom is blindly repeating our mistakes. The twice-a-year clock shifting between “standard” and “summer/daylight” times is a prime example. Clock Time Our units of time measurement are entirely arbitrary. There is no good reason for […]

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How About We Just Get Rid of Gender Labels?

My article from three years ago “The Problem with the Transgender Label” asked a question some people don’t want asked: does that label cause more problems than it solves? It remains one of my most-read articles with mostly positive responses. Unfortunately, the larger world is still fighting over the label […]

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The Myth of 6am

What Some Productivity “Experts” Haven’t Awakened To Modern life is a collision of two forces: people and days, and more to the point — individuals and hours. This continual conflict has ruined many days for many people. This recurrent crisis cannot be solved, but can be soothed by a clear-headed, hype-free look at […]

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baby boom generation

There Are No Millennials and No Gen X or Gen Y

The corporate media loves simplifications. It enjoys painting with a broad brush and placing everything into tidy, constricting categories. One of the media’s simplifications is to label people as belonging to a generation. They claim you are a “baby boomer,” a “millennial,” a “Gen Xer,” or so on, defining you […]

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