Sorry, Veganism Won’t Save the Planet

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read (TL;DR): Veganism won’t save the planet because it attacks the wrong targets. I recently saw someone describe herself as a “vegan evangelist.” Strange though that label may sound, it appropriately describes the religious fervor of veganism. She said, as do some others, that she was on […]

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The Arbitrariness of Units of Time

The Arbitrariness of Units of Time In the Gregorian calendar, 1 January marks the new year. It is not the new year in the dozens of other calendars that exist. This is not insignificant. Although the “new year” is celebrated with fanfare and increased alcohol consumption, aside from hangovers, absolutely […]

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It’s Okay To Not Like Christmas

Do you love Christmas? That’s cool, I respect that. Have fun. I want to talk about and with those who don’t consider this the “most wonderful time of the year,” because I respect them too. As long as I can remember, I have been more or less anti-Valentine’s Day. It […]

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Twitter, TikTok, and Siloization

Note: This is a transcript of a recent podcast episode, moving the content from that one-way medium to this more two-way Medium. Any irony is intentional. Siloization – ˈsī-lō-ə-ˈzā-shən : the process of isolating a group apart from others especially in ways that hinder… Hello, how are you today? Even […]

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Decades Later, I Still Hate High School…

…but I’m really talking about the human perceptions of time. (Source: Piqsels) Yes, time. Yesterday, my spouse reminded me that this year is one of those decade-defined anniversaries of my graduation from high school. It honestly had never crossed my mind. I was too busy living in the present. Humans do […]

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