Amazon Fashion Sexism

Amazon’s Fashion Sexism

Is it subtle or blatant? It is blatant when you understand what you are looking at and why it’s portrayed that way. From its own home page, Amazon’s fashion sexism is plainly visible. Take a look at how men and women are portrayed differently in adverting, especially in the fashion […]

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I Now Believe In Curses

I’ve never been one to place much stock in voodoo or ancient curses or the like. Nor am I a superstitious person. Sports people, though, tend to be more superstitious and baseball players and fans are perhaps more suspicious than most. So talk of curses being real is nothing new […]

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The Memeocene: Memes and Humanity’s New Epoch

Behold The Memeocene. Dialogue and politics are dead and we killed them. As human population and technology grows, there is increasing talk that we have entered a new epoch—the anthropocene or epoch of humans. The idea behind the appellation is that the Earth–its biology and geology–is being altered by human […]

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The Strip of Flesh Phenomenon

I first noticed the strip of flesh phenomenon on a cold day January 2015. It was windy, rainy, with occasional snowflakes in the air. I was on my university campus on my way to teach my class. I was walking head down into the fierce wind the good half mile […]

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