Dutch traffic jam

A Dutch Traffic Jam – What Could Be

Lately, I’ve been seeing a growing number of stories in the corporate media about cities turning to more bicycle friendly policies. City planners are doing much rethinking in response to the pandemic. The pandemic is forcing people to change the way they live and work. In turn, this is encouraging […]

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A conformist?

Why Do People Use Hair Dye?

Dying one’s hair is changing one’s appearance. Why would someone do that? Is it as simple a matter as changing one’s shirt? What is really going on when people dye their hair? When we consider what clothing to wear, we consider practical matters and appearance. On the one hand, we […]

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A misogynist's diatribe

Sexism is Cowardice: An Example

Of course I know some think this way, but it’s still a shock to see it. But as a philosophy professor, I recognize a teaching opportunity when I see it. I wrote before about how racism is cowardice and now we can see how this kid’s diatribe vividly demonstrates how […]

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The Internet Generation

The Internet Generation “The last generation didn’t have the Internet, the most powerful tool ever created by humanity, so they know it’s value. We used to have to go the library and research for hours to get an answer to a simple question. I find it shocking and absurd that […]

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Amazon Fashion Sexism

Amazon’s Fashion Sexism

Is it subtle or blatant? It is blatant when you understand what you are looking at and why it’s portrayed that way. From its own home page, Amazon’s fashion sexism is plainly visible. Take a look at how men and women are portrayed differently in adverting, especially in the fashion […]

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I Now Believe In Curses

I’ve never been one to place much stock in voodoo or ancient curses or the like. Nor am I a superstitious person. Sports people, though, tend to be more superstitious and baseball players and fans are perhaps more suspicious than most. So talk of curses being real is nothing new […]

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