How We Saved 31% on our Heating this Winter

An example of changing one’s orientation The Backstory I am not a fan of corporations. It’s their unaccountable greed that irks me. Case in point: here in Central Europe, because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the wholesale price of natural gas doubled in early winter 2022. Energy corporations responded […]

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Against “Gee Whiz” Philosophy

“Gee, Mr. Wizard …” “… <heh, heh> we’re gonna need another Timmy.” (my eternal admiration for anyone who gets that reference.) As in so many things in life, I find myself eternally situated between divergent spheres. This situation is most evident in my two great avocations in life, music and philosophy. […]

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 Recently, my spouse brought to my attention a meme that exists in some circles called “the tradwife.” The word means “traditional wife” and is floating around mainly right-wing and other forums in which men are complaining about feminists and the alleged erosion of “traditional family values” and want a […]

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