fashion is for sheep

No, Don’t Follow Fashion

We are not born clothed, but quickly come to need clothes. Throughout our lives, we cover our bodies with garments primarily for utilitarian purposes. We humans are both the only animals who need clothes and the only animals who have the intelligence and free will to create and select clothing. […]

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Perspective Shifts – Yes, But Which Kind?

I ran across this quote years ago and yesterday’s discussion with my students in ethics class brought it to mind. “Perspective shifts will unlock more than smartness will.” – Dr. Astro Teller There is wisdom in this quote, but like all wisdom, it has to go deeper than a slogan […]

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Against “Gee Whiz” Philosophy

“Gee, Mr. Wizard …” “… <heh, heh> we’re gonna need another Timmy.” (my eternal admiration for anyone who gets that reference.) As in so many things in life, I find myself eternally situated between divergent spheres. This situation is most evident in my two great avocations in life, music and philosophy. […]

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 Recently, my spouse brought to my attention a meme that exists in some circles called “the tradwife.” The word means “traditional wife” and is floating around mainly right-wing and other forums in which men are complaining about feminists and the alleged erosion of “traditional family values” and want a […]

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