I Give You the Übermensch

One of the most notoriously misunderstood concepts in the history of philosophy is Friedrich Nietzsche’s Übermensch. The word “Übermensch” is too often mistranslated into English as “superman” but the German “Über” means “over” not “super.” We need to be clear […]

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Kant’s Sixth Proof of God

Kant’s Sixth Proof of God Immanuel Kant definitively demonstrated in his writings that no proof or disproof of the existence of god could be fashioned from pure reason. He conclusively and persuasively showed that all of the five standard rational […]

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Why Ads?

  I spend many hours creating content for and maintaining this site. Your ad clicks are the only way I can receive compensation. If you like what you read, please support substantive content on the Internet, not just my site […]

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Teddy Roosevelt on the Senate

Teddy Roosevelt on the Senate When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not guilty.’ – President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was President of the United States from […]

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Suns of Arqa

Suns of Arqa Origins: U.K., Jamaica, India, Middle East, pan-Africa Styles: Indian fusion, Middle Eastern fusion, reggae, dub, Indian vibes, chillout, world groove, Balkan fusion, funk, ambient-dark, psychedelic, folk, neo-folk, Celtic fusion Discography: Over 60 releases Full discography here. Web […]

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