Teddy Roosevelt on the Senate

Teddy Roosevelt on the Senate When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not guilty.’ – President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was President of the United States from […]

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Suns of Arqa

Suns of Arqa Origins: U.K., Jamaica, India, Middle East, pan-Africa Styles: Indian fusion, Middle Eastern fusion, reggae, dub, Indian vibes, chillout, world groove, Balkan fusion, funk, ambient-dark, psychedelic, folk, neo-folk, Celtic fusion Discography: Over 60 releases Full discography here. Web […]

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Kant’s Categories

A colleague recently suggested to me that Immanuel Kant’s categories of understanding could be described as algorithms that organize sense data. An algorithm, the someone said, is defined as “a procedure for solving a mathematical problem in a finite number […]

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Loop Guru

Loop Guru Origins: U.K. Styles: Chillout, ambient, world groove, Indian vibes, retro Discography: 2006 – Elderberry Shiftglass 2003 – Bathtime with Loop Guru 2003 – The Intrinsic Passion of Mysterious Joy 2001 – Loopus Interruptus 1999 – The Fountains of […]

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Origins: Germany, North Africa, India Styles: World groove, chillout, Arabica Discography: 2008 – The Tangier Sessions 1999 – Mixed Up Jungle 1997 – Instinctive Traveler 1995 – Love Supreme 1993 – Jungle Book 1988 – Out of This World 1984 […]

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