Philosophy in the real world.

Clarifying the Political Spectrum

The notion of dividing political ideologies into left-wing and right-wing has been with us for a long time. Visualizing political stances is certainly helpful. However, people seldom question what the left-right spectrum actually signifies. People, even scholars, use the labels […]

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You are your beliefs

Who Are You? You Are Your Beliefs

Humans are belief-motivated beings, and being human, you are your beliefs. Animals and plants act, but they simply react to stimuli without an understanding of the context of their actions or why they are acting.  Humans have ideas about things. […]

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The Key to Social Justice

Why do injustices continue to happen? We say it is because of prejudice but what is prejudice? It is difficult to fight something that we cannot define and one of the important tasks in philosophy is understanding what is behind social phenomena like prejudice. Recognition is the key.

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Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire on Education

Paulo Freire on Education. In a previous article, I discussed some of philosopher Paulo Freire’s views on political conflict. Though he didn’t shy away from politics, Freire was first and foremost a philosopher of education. In this article, I want […]

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