Philosophy in the real world.

The Soul of a Philosopher

Philosopher for Hire Every now and then I am contacted by someone who wants to hire me to help them write a paper or book. I’ve had rewarding collaborations over the years, helping people form their ideas and polish their writing, and it’s been a nice income supplement (being a […]

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What Is Postmodernism?

 Transcript: What is postmodernism? It’s a term people use mostly in terms of trying to insult something, but many people who use the term–both advocates for something called postmodernism or people vehemently against something called postmodernism–don’t really understand what the term means. That includes right wingers like Jordan Peterson […]

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Judith Butler

Nonheteronormative Philosophy

There is a relatively new and growing field of philosophy about people outside the traditional binary designations of norms about gender and sexuality. Nonheteronormative sexuality has long been dismissed or repressed by European and American societies. In one respect, the suppression and oppression of nonheteronormative people is similar to that […]

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Does Anyone Understand What “Freedom” Means?

Does Anyone Understand What “Freedom” Means? Janis Joplin didn’t. Anarchists don’t. Trump doesn’t, nor do his followers. Freedom is a word many people use, but few people have any substantial understanding of the meaning of the concept. To mention that fact isn’t cynical or disparaging. The concept of freedom, like […]

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Can War Ever Be Justified?

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine brings up a vexing philosophical question: when is war morally defensible? A small but ancient part of political philosophy is known as “just war theory.” There are two aspects to just war theory. One explores the question of when it is just for a nation or […]

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