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The March 2019 playlist updates mark the biggest revisions in what is played on World Fusion Radio in over four years. Taking into account listener feedback, I have gone through every song on Global Chillout and recategorized them. I moved some songs to World Revolutions, some to Moonlight Meditations, and some I dropped altogether. Here are some of the thoughts that went into that process.

When I started World Fusion Radio in 2003, I had only one station, one stream of music. In 2013, I split the station into two: Global Chillout and World Revolutions for softer and harder-edged songs respectively. My thinking then on track selection was colored by my time as a club DJ, when everything revolved around a big beat. So I put all the big beat techno tracks into World Revolutions leaving everything else in Global Chillout.

In 2014 I added to Global Chillout many nu-jazz and general chillout and lounge tracks because that was the big trend in music then. The station, which had been growing steadily for eleven years, plateaued and has remained roughly the same level for four years. Maybe the combination of more “normal” non-fusion music and too many harder tracks still left in Global Chillout was restraining enthusiasm. So, awhile ago I resolved to go through every song and sort it out. First, though, I had to finish my PhD, then I was shuffled around living in three different countries, but this past month I finally did it, listening to and categorizing all 10,560 tracks on Global Chillout.

This time through, my thinking while categorizing the songs was not on the beat content or whether it was “danceable” or not. Instead, I asked what was the feel of the song? Does it fit within a vibe of chillout world fusion music? What would please a listener who is expecting a global chillout? I realized that with some of the tracks I had really missed the boat on keeping true to a chillout mood. The ones that were too edgy I moved to World Revolutions. Many of the nu jazz and non-fusion chillout songs I removed altogether, though I am now tempted to do a general chill/lounge station. Costly, but let me know if that interests anyone.

So, Global Chillout now has a smaller playlist but is more dedicated to pure chillout fusion. I removed about 4,000 tracks but added over 1,000 new songs. World Revolutions has many new (to it) tracks so will be fresher too. Moonlight Meditations also has new tracks though I still need to get some more ambient music.

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