Freedom of Speech

What’s Right and Wrong About the Columbia Protests

Can we have an intelligent conversation about what’s going on at Columbia University? Probably not. I’ll try anyway, although a conversation requires willing and sincere participants. Ostensibly, the protests at Columbia University are about defending the rights of Palestinian people in Gaza. No doubt, for some people, it is about […]

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Book Announcement: What Is Politics? 

. . . and why is it so contentious? This is a rare work of political theory that stands out for its conversational style and readability. Its persuasion relies on easy to follow arguments and logical conclusion in order to repaint the intractable modern political landscape as a vast misunderstanding of what […]

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Why Trump Wins

Much ink has been spilled over the dilemma that is Donald Trump. Some people love him, and some people hate him. Some people try to explain why people love or hate Trump. What unites them is a lack of clarity about why they or anyone else love or hate him. […]

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The Long History of Xenophobia in the US

Sometimes, listening to politicians in the “developed” world, one gets the impression that hordes of barbarians are at the borders. These politicians tell us to be very concerned about the threat of immigrants. What these barbarians are accused of isn’t exactly clear; the message is vague beyond “be afraid.” These […]

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Ethics of Dissent and Protest

Cooperation, loyalty, adherence to the rule of law. These are noble virtues, of which the following are necessary for a free and open society. But there are times when it is necessary to step outside these noble virtues. There are times when dissent is a virtue. There is a time […]

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