Deplatform Trump?

I heard there was some spectacle on one of the 24-hour “news” channels last night. It was some show where they handed Donald Trump a microphone and turned a camera on him. “Tortuous” was the description in one headline covering the ensuing car crash. As predictable as was Trump spewing […]

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Struggling for Recognition

The Authority to Claim Recognition

Social recognition among individuals and groups is what keeps together communities. Without it, struggles for justice and freedom are impossible. All struggles for justice include the struggle for the authority and power to claim recognition. Excerpt from the book, Rethinking Misrecognition and Struggles for Recognition: Critical Theory Beyond Honneth. Used […]

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easy vs. difficult

Change Is Not For the Timid

Change Is Not For the Timid Easy: Sitting on your ass making snarky comments about how crappy the world is. Difficult: Actually getting up and doing something to improve the world. The lazy choose easy and help the world stay crappy. Improvements come from the brave not from the timid.

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Debt Shaming in the Corporate Media

One trend I have noticed on the Internet is “news” stories about people who pay down debt of massive amounts. This one is typical, claiming a teacher paid off $40,000 in student debt on only 1.5 years. Or how about this whopper? How a Journalist Paid Off $111,000 of Debt […]

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Facebook Fake Activism

Years ago I ran across an interesting article online entitled “Out with the Community Group, In with the Facebook Fan Group.” The blog is now defunct, so I cannot link to it. I can only write from the couple of notes I made and the one quote I saved from […]

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