Why Trump Wins

Much ink has been spilled over the dilemma that is Donald Trump. Some people love him, and some people hate him. Some people try to explain why people love or hate Trump. What unites them is a lack of clarity about why they or anyone else love or hate him. […]

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racism is also a pandemic

Whitesplaining, Racialism, Anti Racism

There are wrong ways to fight racism Racism is a scourge, a blight on humanity. All bigotry is harmful because it misrecognizes, stereotypes, and denigrates people. Bigotry based on the perception of race is particularly pernicious, harming lives and whole societies. And yet, racism exists all over the world. I don’t […]

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Objectification - Patriarchy and Beyond

Follow-up to my article on the objectification of women. My article published earlier this month, “It’s Not Misogyny — It’s Worse Than That,” had many readers and many great comments. That’s wonderful because the issue of discrimination against and oppression of women is something that needs more public discussion. I thank everyone who […]

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The Memeocene: Memes and Humanity’s New Epoch

Behold The Memeocene. Dialogue and politics are dead and we killed them. As human population and technology grows, there is increasing talk that we have entered a new epoch — the Anthropocene or epoch of humans. The idea behind the appellation is that the Earth–its biology and geology–is being altered by human […]

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What Is “Woke?”

The words “woke” and “wokeness” have recently entered the political lexicon. These words puzzle me as to what they mean and why people use them. “Woke” and “wokeness” are used mostly, if not exclusively, as an insult. They are used mostly, if not exclusively, by the Right. In our current […]

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How About We Just Get Rid of Gender Labels?

My article from three years ago “The Problem with the Transgender Label” asked a question some people don’t want asked: does that label cause more problems than it solves? It remains one of my most-read articles with mostly positive responses. Unfortunately, the larger world is still fighting over the label […]

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