The Memeocene: Memes and Humanity’s New Epoch

Behold The Memeocene. Dialogue and politics are dead and we killed them. As human population and technology grows, there is increasing talk that we have entered a new epoch — the Anthropocene or epoch of humans. The idea behind the appellation is that the Earth–its biology and geology–is being altered by human […]

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fashion is for sheep

No, Don’t Follow Fashion

We are not born clothed, but quickly come to need clothes. Throughout our lives, we cover our bodies with garments primarily for utilitarian purposes. We humans are both the only animals who need clothes and the only animals who have the intelligence and free will to create and select clothing. […]

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 Recently, my spouse brought to my attention a meme that exists in some circles called “the tradwife.” The word means “traditional wife” and is floating around mainly right-wing and other forums in which men are complaining about feminists and the alleged erosion of “traditional family values” and want a […]

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What’s The Problem With “Wokeness?”

The words “woke” and “wokeness” have recently entered the political lexicon. These words puzzle me as to what they mean and why people use them. “Woke” and “wokeness” are used mostly, if not exclusively, as an insult. They are used mostly, if not exclusively, by the Right. In our current […]

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The Arbitrariness of Units of Time

The Arbitrariness of Units of Time In the Gregorian calendar, 1 January marks the new year. It is not the new year in the dozens of other calendars that exist. This is not insignificant. Although the “new year” is celebrated with fanfare and increased alcohol consumption, aside from hangovers, absolutely […]

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