Wittgenstein’s Language Games

Poor Bertand Russell. He wanted to create the logically perfect language. But he was abandoned in this quest by his teacher and co-author, Alfred North Whitehead, and by his student Ludwig Wittgenstein. Both had originally agreed with Russell that a logically perfect language was possible, but realized, as Russell himself […]

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The Stupidity of “Falling Back” an Hour

You set your clocks back, didn’t you? Custom forces you to do so, and sometimes custom is blindly repeating our mistakes. The twice-a-year clock shifting between “standard” and “summer/daylight” times is a prime example. Clock Time Our units of time measurement are entirely arbitrary. There is no good reason for […]

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How About We Just Get Rid of Gender Labels?

My article from three years ago “The Problem with the Transgender Label” asked a question some people don’t want asked: does that label cause more problems than it solves? It remains one of my most-read articles with mostly positive responses. Unfortunately, the larger world is still fighting over the label […]

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baby boom generation

There Are No Millennials and No Gen X or Gen Y

The corporate media loves simplifications. It enjoys painting with a broad brush and placing everything into tidy, constricting categories. One of the media’s simplifications is to label people as belonging to a generation. They claim you are a “baby boomer,” a “millennial,” a “Gen Xer,” or so on, defining you […]

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Calvinist America

Calvinism and the American Conception of Evil

Largely underestimated is the significant influence that John Calvin has had on culture in the United States. Perhaps only John Locke has had more philosophical influence on the American Zeitgeist than has Calvin. To understand America and its uniqueness, you need to understand Calvin’s unique ideology and how his Calvinism […]

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