The Two Worst Inventions?

The world won’t end with a bang. Actually the world won’t end, but humanity might. If we destroy ourselves, we won’t do it suddenly — not nuclear war. We will slouch and slide slovenly oblivious toward our dissolution. The 1950s set in motion forces that may end up destroying the world. […]

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Sorry, Veganism Won’t Save the Planet

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read (TL;DR): Veganism won’t save the planet because it attacks the wrong targets. I recently saw someone describe herself as a “vegan evangelist.” Strange though that label may sound, it appropriately describes the religious fervor of veganism. She said, as do some others, that she was on […]

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Dutch traffic jam

A Dutch Traffic Jam – What Could Be

Lately, I’ve been seeing a growing number of stories in the corporate media about cities turning to more bicycle friendly policies. City planners are doing much rethinking in response to the pandemic. The pandemic is forcing people to change the way they live and work. In turn, this is encouraging […]

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