Struggling for Recognition

The Authority to Claim Recognition

Social recognition among individuals and groups is what keeps together communities. Without it, struggles for justice and freedom are impossible. All struggles for justice include the struggle for the authority and power to claim recognition. Excerpt from the book, Rethinking Misrecognition and Struggles for Recognition: Critical Theory Beyond Honneth. Used […]

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Misogyny Is the Wrong Word for It

I know what people are getting at when they call a man a “misogynist.” It’s not a bad term, all things considered, to describe men’s mistreatment of women, but it misses something important. I’m interested in treating causes not symptoms and that requires figuring out what’s going on beneath the […]

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A misogynist's diatribe

Sexism is Cowardice: An Example

Of course I know some think this way, but it’s still a shock to see it. But as a philosophy professor, I recognize a teaching opportunity when I see it. I wrote before about how racism is cowardice and now we can see how this kid’s diatribe vividly demonstrates how […]

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too many men

Why Men Sexually Harass and Abuse Women

Amidst all of the revelations about high-profile men who have abused women, it is no surprise that our drive-by corporate media has not explored the question of why men sexually harass and abuse women. The media is interested in sensationalism and exploiting puerile interest in scandal. They are not interested […]

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The Strip of Flesh Phenomenon

I first noticed the strip of flesh phenomenon on a cold day January 2015. It was windy, rainy, with occasional snowflakes in the air. I was on my university campus on my way to teach my class. I was walking head down into the fierce wind the good half mile […]

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