No, There Is NOT an App for That

If I was conspiratorially minded, I would believe that Big Tech is out to control every aspect of our lives. I do not engage in conspiracy theories, instead, I recognize that power will exercise its power, and often without regard to the consequences. In the world today, arguably the biggest […]

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The Internet Generation

The Internet Generation “The last generation didn’t have the Internet, the most powerful tool ever created by humanity, so they know it’s value. We used to have to go the library and research for hours to get an answer to a simple question. I find it shocking and absurd that […]

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Facebook Fake Activism

Years ago I ran across an interesting article online entitled “Out with the Community Group, In with the Facebook Fan Group.” The blog is now defunct, so I cannot link to it. I can only write from the couple of notes I made and the one quote I saved from […]

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