The Arbitrariness of Units of Time

The Arbitrariness of Units of Time In the Gregorian calendar, 1 January marks the new year. It is not the new year in the dozens of other calendars that exist. This is not insignificant. Although the “new year” is celebrated with fanfare and increased alcohol consumption, aside from hangovers, absolutely […]

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Dewey and Freire’s Philosophy of Education

John Dewey’s (1859–1952) scientific orientation was biology, and he was influenced by the developments in evolutionary biology. His philosophical starting point was the fact that people exist within a biological environment. We create beliefs to adapt to our environment. Dewey created the term “instrumentalism” to describe the human activity of […]

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Márquez on War

Gabriel García Márquez on War

Gabriel García Márquez on War “It is easier to start a war than to end it.” – Gabriel García Márquez . Born in Columbia in 1927, Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez grew up aware of the tradition of war in his home country and continent. Conquered by the […]

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Who Owns the Water?

Although water covers two-thirds of the planet’s surface, only 3% of all water is safe for human consumption. Access to clean, safe water has always been vital for people. With increasing population and pollution, the prospect of water shortages is an increasing concern. Adding to these concerns is the privatization […]

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The Amazing Music Scene in Brazil

This post is about the amazing music scene in Brazil, where they have blended European and South American elements. Some say the people of Brazil are ancestrally one-third European, one-third African, one-third Native American. This is probably not true, but Brazil may have the highest percentage of “mixed race” people […]

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