You are your beliefs

Who Are You? You Are Your Beliefs

Humans are belief-motivated beings, and being human, you are your beliefs. Animals and plants act, but they simply react to stimuli without an understanding of the context of their actions or why they are acting.  Humans have ideas about things. Humans have desires, form intentions, and act on their intentions […]

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John Locke

Farscape, John Locke, and What Is a Person?

Since ancient times, philosophers have pondered the question of what it means to be a person. David Hume observed that we cannot say much definitively about our world because we do not have other worlds with which to compare it. (Hume, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, 30) This is especially true […]

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Am I An Individual? A Philosophical History

Are you an individual? Sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it? You’re you, right? You aren’t anybody else. But it’s not quite that simple. First off, being good philosophers, we have to define our terms. What do we mean by “an individual?” There are many answers to that question. Let’s […]

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Robinson Jeffers – The Answer

The Answer Then what is the answer? Not to be deluded by dreams. To know that great civilizations have broken down into violence, and their tyrants come, many times before. When open violence appears, to avoid it with honor or choose the least ugly faction; these evils are essential. To […]

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Missed opportunities

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities The best way to remedy past missed opportunities is to not miss today’s opportunities. No sense in bemoaning the past and the mistakes you made. Look instead toward the future, for it is the only thing you can change.

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Blaise Pascal Quote

Blaise Pascal on Light and Darkness

Blaise Pascal on Light and Darkness “There is light enough for those who wish to see, and darkness enough for those who are otherwise inclined.” – Blaise Pascal Pascal is best known for the misnamed “Pascal’s Wager,” his easily misunderstood argument on personal decision making. In this quote, Pascal gives […]

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The Best Teachers

The Best Teachers…

The Best Teachers “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” – Alexandra K. Trenfor As a teacher, I love this quote. It brilliantly and succinctly delineates the difference between good teaching and bad teaching. Good teaching is the art […]

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The Difference Between Like and Love

The Difference Between Like and Love What is the difference between I like you and I love you? When you like a flower, you pluck it. But when you love a flower you water it daily. One who understands this, understands life. N.B. – This quote has been falsely attributed […]

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