David Hume On Causality and Science

David Hume’s (1711-1776) philosophy was the culmination of the trajectory of British empiricism (see Chapters 8 and 11). Hume’s shocking conclusion was that the long quest for understanding had reached no true understanding at all. Descartes was not a true skeptic because he believed that knowledge is possible. Hume was […]

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When Journalism Becomes Pseudo-Science

The BBC article based on a paper in Lancet screams the headline “No alcohol safe to drink, global study confirms.” Like so much in the corporate media today, the details under the headline refute the headline written to make people click. Classic BS sensationalist journalism, though looks like the scientists […]

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Kepler Destroys the Universe

It is impossible for us today to appreciate the profound effect of Johannes Kepler’s theory of planetary motion. Before Kepler’s book Astronomia Nova (1609) the unquestioned assumption was that everything in the heavens was perfect. A large part of that assumption was that the motion of heavenly bodies must be […]

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