Cavell quote

Understand that Nazis were not Monsters

Philosopher Stanley Cavell is correct: we must understand that Nazis were not monsters. Ridiculous you say?  Yes and no. We must first understand what evil is. Hear me out. “To understand Nazism, whatever that will mean, will be to understand it as a human possibility; monstrous, unforgivable, but not therefore […]

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Guy Fawkes: A Terrorist, Not A Hero

Guy Fawkes: Terrorist  This is the face of a terrorist. Old New I chuckle when I see clowns with their comic book masks because they don’t understand who Guy Fawkes was or why he did what he did. Anyone knowing the facts about the 1605 terrorist group Guy Fawkes was a […]

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easy vs. difficult

Change Is Not For the Timid

Change Is Not For the Timid Easy: Sitting on your ass making snarky comments about how crappy the world is. Difficult: Actually getting up and doing something to improve the world. The lazy choose easy and help the world stay crappy. Improvements come from the brave not from the timid.

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Booker T. Washington on Strength

Booker T. Washington on Strength “There are two ways of exerting one’s strength. One is pushing down, the other is pulling up.” -Booker T. Washington There are multiple ways to look at strength. Too often, people only look at it in terms of either brute force or resiliency in the […]

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