Wittgenstein and Music

I ran across a paper entitled Wittgenstein, Modern Music, and the Myth of Progress written by Eran Guter. It is pretty dense stuff–good philosophy tends to be–but I like the categorization presented by Guter. Guter’s study is based not on a work published by Wittgenstein, but on entries in Wittgenstein’s […]

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The Amazing Music Scene in Brazil

This post is about the amazing music scene in Brazil, where they have blended European and South American elements. Some say the people of Brazil are ancestrally one-third European, one-third African, one-third Native American. This is probably not true, but Brazil may have the highest percentage of “mixed race” people […]

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huffpo censorship

Story About Spotify Censored?

Was a story about Spotify censored by online tabloid HuffPost? The article was an expose of a closed-door meeting between artists’ rights activist Blake Morgan of I Respect Music and executives of Spotify, the music corporation. Morgan is a regular contributor to HuffPost, and he published there an account of […]

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