A conformist?

Why Do People Use Hair Dye?

One can apply philosophy to anything and everything. Even this topic. Approaching everyday phenomena with a philosophical attitude helps us understand ourselves. Dying one’s hair is acting to change one’s appearance. Why would someone do that? One is covering over one’s natural fair color with an artificial color. That much […]

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 Recently, my spouse brought to my attention a meme that exists in some circles called “the tradwife.” The word means “traditional wife” and is floating around mainly right-wing and other forums in which men are complaining about feminists and the alleged erosion of “traditional family values” and want a […]

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How About We Just Get Rid of Gender Labels?

My article from three years ago “The Problem with the Transgender Label” asked a question some people don’t want asked: does that label cause more problems than it solves? It remains one of my most-read articles with mostly positive responses. Unfortunately, the larger world is still fighting over the label […]

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Amazon Fashion Sexism

Amazon’s Fashion Sexism

Is it subtle or blatant? It is blatant when you understand what you are looking at and why it’s portrayed that way. From its own home page, Amazon’s fashion sexism is plainly visible. Take a look at how men and women are portrayed differently in adverting, especially in the fashion […]

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too many men

Why Men Sexually Harass and Abuse Women

Amidst all of the revelations about high-profile men who have abused women, it is no surprise that our drive-by corporate media has not explored the question of why men sexually harass and abuse women. The media is interested in sensationalism and exploiting puerile interest in scandal. They are not interested […]

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The Strip of Flesh Phenomenon

I first noticed the strip of flesh phenomenon on a cold day January 2015. It was windy, rainy, with occasional snowflakes in the air. I was on my university campus on my way to teach my class. I was walking head down into the fierce wind the good half mile […]

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Look Fear in the Face

look fear in the face – Eleanor Roosevelt from You Learn by Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life Eleanor Roosevelt is underappreciated as a person of wisdom. Her book, You Learn by Living is well worth reading. It embraces and illustrates one of my favorite ideas–that essential to […]

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