Recently, my spouse brought to my attention a meme that exists in some circles called “the tradwife.” The word means “traditional wife” and is floating around mainly right-wing and other forums in which men are complaining about feminists and the alleged erosion of “traditional family values” and want a tradwife. Those looking for tradwives are wanting women to give up any desires beyond wanting to be a stay-at-home wife and mother.

For example, in the mid-1800s a woman was not allowed to get a university degree; a woman was not allowed to own property in certain circumstances, was not allowed to inherit property from her parents; women were not allowed to divorce an abusive husband, and so on.

Margaret Fuller

Fuller points to the Christian tradition of a belief in a divine love and a divine justice that applies to everyone, and yet finds this hypocrisy in slavery bringing black people from Africa to be enslaved in the United States. She found this hypocrisy in the treatment of native American populations who were killed and their lands stolen from them.

Betty Friedan
(Source: manchild fantasy)

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