Be a traveler, not a tourist.

Danny Kaye on Travel

A Philosophy of Travel

The idea of travel has a romantic mystique. Travel is something out of the ordinary, beyond the mundane. We don’t say we travel to work, we say we commute. Travel appeals to a deeper sense that many of us have for something more—to experience something more and hopefully better. People […]

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Dutch traffic jam

A Dutch Traffic Jam – What Could Be

Lately, I’ve been seeing a growing number of stories in the corporate media about cities turning to more bicycle friendly policies. City planners are doing much rethinking in response to the pandemic. The pandemic is forcing people to change the way they live and work. In turn, this is encouraging […]

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Italian Passport Control

Travel is Barbaric

Many people over the many years have written many romantic sentiments about travel. I love travel. Travel can be romantic and wonderful. Travel can also be, and often is, nasty. Travel is barbaric. It has always been barbaric. Back in the day, travel was much worse. If you were fortunate […]

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Don’t Drink the Water in Zagreb

Zagreb is a perfectly reasonable city. Capital of Republika Hrvatska it has the amenities of a European capital city with a nice central square, a decent tram service, great outdoor markets, and the marvelous culinary invention of ćevapi. Worth a visit though wouldn’t recommend it over a number of other […]

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A Dutch City in Poland

Gdańsk is a city on the north coast of Poland. For centuries, Germanic powers dominated the area, but the architecture and feel of the city are surprisingly Dutch. Gdańsk is famous for its shipbuilding and trade heritage, as well as its amber. The shipbuilding is all but gone, but the […]

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The Milk Bar Experience

When in Poland, try Polish food and at least once in your life take advantage of the milk bar experience. “Advantage” might not be everyone’s word for the experience, but it is an experience. The “bar mleczny” (bar mlech-nah) or “milk bar” is a traditional Polish restaurant style. For many, […]

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Rome - The Eternal Stench

Rome – The Eternal Stench

Rome is a strange mix of beauty and ugliness. They say it is the Eternal City. It is still here over two millennia later so it is hard to say that is incorrect, but it is also correct to say that Rome is the city of Eternal Stench. Rome has […]

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