World Fusion Radio on SOAS Radio

It was my great pleasure to sit down with Isuru Perara of SOAS Radio (sponsored by the School of Oriental an African Studies at the University of London) and record this interview.

In the 1 hour 55 minute discussion, we talk about my musical journey that led to World Fusion Radio, how philosophy and music are connected, the issues of running an Internet radio stations, how artists are not paid enough by the music corporations and how those corporations are driving out independent radio stations, bemoaning the death of freeform radio, how to run your own Internet radio station, why music matters, and why world fusion is needed more than ever.

The show includes shout outs to and music from Tikki Masala, Vince Millett/Secret Archives of the Vatican, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Cheb i Sabbbah, Andy Skene of Queen St. Brewhouse, Loop Guru, Acid Arab, Ryukyu Underground, Eastern Dub Tactic, BaBa ZuLa, Aki Nawaz/D Watts Riot/Fun-D-Mental, Dum Dum Project, Indian Ropeman, The Wooden Street Syndicate, Joi, Black Star Liner, KALA-FM, Jocelyn Pook, Nina Paley/Sita Sings the Blues, µ-Ziq, Eat Static, Komputer, Martyn Bennett, and more!

Listen here:

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