You always learn a lot more when you lose than when you win.

Winning, Losing, Learning.

Winning, Losing, Learning.

Winning, Losing, Learning.

“You always learn a lot more when you lose than when you win.”


This probably isn’t an African proverb (as if “African” is an appropriate catch-all word for dozens of different cultures). This is age old wisdom understood by many cultures, perhaps every one. I like the graphic though so I will keep it as is.

The lesson is sound. After all, if you think you are winning and that everything is fine, you don’t learn anything. You think you do not have to learn anything. When things are not going well, you hopefully take stock of the situation and what you are doing and figure out how to improve. When you think you are winning, you are less likely to look at  yourself and think of how to improve. This is especially problematic because many think they are doing everything well when they are not. Many people fool themselves into thinking they are winning to avoid looking at themselves. Other people lazily believe that everything is fine and they do not need to improve.

Complacency is the prelude to losing. Obsession is the path toward winning. Those who seek to improve even when things are going well are the ones who keep learning and keep winning.

Winning, Losing, Learning – they intertwine. Embrace each one to live a full life. Keep growing, stay dynamic. Those aren’t buzzwords. Those are gems of wisdom.

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