Playlist Revisions

The March 2019 playlist updates mark the biggest revisions in what is played on World Fusion Radio in over four years. Taking into account listener feedback, I have gone through every song on Global Chillout and recategorized them. I moved some songs to World Revolutions, some to Moonlight Meditations, and […]

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The Evils of Force-fed Music

My spouse and I recently traveled for 47 days through 12 cities in 8 different countries. So many different sights, people, foods… And the same, damn force-fed music. Most restaurants, stores, and other public places we passed through on our journey inflicted piped-in music on their customers. I would say […]

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Gypsy Music

A rather underappreciated genre of world music is variously known as gypsy or sometimes less accurately Balkan music. Gypsy, because much of it musical forms derive from Romani, more commonly known as “gypsy,” culture. Balkan, because those forms have influenced much of the music from that region. Like all genres […]

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